My TV and Movies

The My TV and Movies library becomes visible when using the Media Center Edition (Freestyle) variant of some Longhorn builds. The My TV and Movies library is a media application for recording and watching TV. The application is an Avalon container and is opened in Internet Explorer by the Avalon Shell Handler. The container itself includes a couple of dll and BAML files as well as a manifest.

MyTV 3718 MyTV guide

In some builds the filesize is noticeably bigger because it includes placeholder images. Although there is also a placeholder image for the guide, this page will always throw an error when clicked. A placeholder for ‘Watch Live TV’ is also included, but the page will just show up empty. In a later version of MyTVapp found in 4008 and 4015, the application will throw an exception.

MyTV 3706  MyTV 4008

To open the application run C:\Windows\System32\mytvapp.container or convert Longhorn from Professional to Media Center Edition. This application is present in builds: 3706, 3713, 3718, 4001, 4008, 4015 and 4029.

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