Microsoft Longhorn


Activation cracks

Run Microsoft’s Windows “Longhorn” today using these activation cracks for each build. Simply replace the “winlogon.exe” in your System32 folder with the copies contained in the ZIP below. There are two ways to do this. The first is to replace it from within the Windows install itself. This will mean that your Longhorn installation must be fully functional first. You cannot delete winlogon.exe – it’s in use. You can, however, rename it – simply rename it to “winlogon.

Proper 4093 release

This used to be hosted on the initial website two years ago (whoa, time flies). I completely forgot about re-uploading it until now. Enjoy! Build 4093 was originally leaked at 28 August 2006 as a heavily edited ISO. As the original 4093 ISO wasn’t bootable, the C0d3rz team made a bootable ISO using 4033’s WinPE. They edited startnet.cmd to start 4093’s setup from the usa_4093_x86fre.pro_longhorn directory in the ISO. Until today (1st May 2014) the C0d3rz ISO was to be used if one would like to install 4093.

Running in VMWare

Driver Packages These packages are some extracted drivers from the VMWare Guest Additions. The tools themselves are not compatible with Longhorn, although the drivers themselves maintained compatibility for much longer. VMware 6.5 driver package VMware 6.5.2 driver package VMware 7.0 driver package Internet Archive Backup VMWare Configuration Tweaks In addition to the drivers above, you may wish to add the following lines to your virtual machine configuration file (*.vmx) to disable time sync: