Builds 6.0.4069.0.Lab06

General information

  • x86

According to Paul Thurrot this is the build number of the build shown in conjunction with 4067 at Jim Allchin’s keynote at WinHEC 20041)SuperSite – WinHEC 2004 Show Report and Photo Gallery. A few photos of this build exist along with a short video fragment (filmed by creamhackered) showing the build in action. The build features the iconic ‘lonely tree’ Milestone 7 wallpaper. It was used to showcase the power of various Longhorn pillars using the purpose made Avalon based Contoso Case Builder application. This application was also used at PDC 2003 before and later referenced at WinHEC 2004 in Kerry Hammil’s Graphics on the Windows Desktop (TW0403) session.



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