Builds 6.0.4050.0.private/lab06_demo

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  • x86

This build was shown at PDC 2003 during Bill Gates’ keynote by Hillel Cooperman, program manager of the MSx unit at Microsoft. This build contains a lot of features that weren’t seen before publicly, including Aurora Preview Panel and Aero transparency. Over 40 people worked on readying the technology seen in this demo for about a month long1)Chris Anderson; simplegeek “Working on work”. The exact build tag of this build remains unknown as no complete photos of this build’s tag seem to exist. The available photos of this build are blurry to say the least. BetaArchive user Maza discovered a photo clearly showing both the build number and lab confirming that this is indeed another build from the 4050 series2)Maza; BetaArchive “Longhorn PDC 2003 build revisited”. During the demonstration Hillel started an MS-DOS application VisiCalc to prove that this was not just a concept, but in fact a real build.
Note the copyright notice at the lower left corner of the screen: ©, TM Microsoft Corp. All rights reserverd. User interface is ™ and trade dress of Microsoft Corp.



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