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This build was used at the Desktop Composition Demonstration booth at the third day of WinHEC 20031)Microsoft – WinHEC 2003 – Day Three Highlights. At this booth exaggerated desktop animations were shown to emphasize the power of Longhorn’s new graphics subsystem. Effects include wobbly and rotating windows. The animations seen in this build are most likely enabled by installing additional ‘demo tools’ written solely for this occasion. This would mean the animations shown are not unique to the actual build, but are created by invoking the right API functions from the DCE batch file instead. Notice the files visible on the desktop besides the batch file are a controls text document and ep2 video. The video shown is the Star Wars episode 2 trailer.

Overview of the booth

Overview of the booth

The hardware configuration used for this demonstration was fairly modest for its time: a Pentium 4 (1.5GHz) processor with 384 MB main memory topped off with an ATI Radeon 9700 3D graphics card.2)Paul Thurrott, Windows IT pro – WinHEC 2003: First Look at Longhorn Graphics. The same system was also present at PDC 2003 where it was photographed by xBetas3)xBetas@PDC – Longhorn DCE Demo together with another system running build 4018.lab06_n.

According to the members of xBetas that spotted this machine at PDC 2003, the animations were painfully slow. The graphics card couldn’t keep up because of the insane screen resolution of 3840 x 2400 pixels used this time.

Only one screenshot of this build is known to exist, it was extracted from a Microsoft presentation about the Avalon Graphics Stack (TW04036_WINHEC2004). A few short videos exist of Kerry Hammil showing each of the animations described above. I’ve merged all videos together in the one video below.





PC watch4)PC Watch – 3D user interface of Longhorn

WinSupersite5)Paul Thurrott, Winsupersite – The road to Windows Longhorn 2003




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