Builds 5.2.3790.1232.winmain

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  • x86
8.2 / Omega-13

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Product key

Built only hours after build 4093, this is the first build form the main branch after the reset. Note that the main branch has been renamed to winmain. This build identifies itself as being Longhorn in the End User License Agreement. General consensus is, however, that 3790 isn’t a Longhorn build at all. It rather is a main branch compilation of the Server 2003 sp1 RC codebase. This build was presumably compiled only to pave the road for the coming real Longhorn (and eventually Vista) builds which jumped to the 5000-range after the reset took place.

During setup you will be asked to locate some missing files. All of the missing files are in the i386 directory on the installation media. Because of the nature of this build, setup doesn’t know where to look for the files itself. After installation this build requires you to activate Windows immediately. To bypass activation boot into safe-mode an apply your favourite activation crack.



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  2 comments for “3790

  1. Gabe
    7th May 2017 at 7:46 pm

    How do you get this builds, and other builds that look like Windows XP, since doesn’t have them?

    • Melcher
      11th May 2017 at 8:24 pm

      It’s available on BetaArchive, but you’ll probably to find torrents for this too.

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